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Shelf space audit -
AI powered SaaS to boost sales

Inspector Cloud - SaaS for realtime audit of stores that helps boost sales.
The system for retail audits recognizes SKU, processes the received information and gives a detailed analysis of the store efficiency.
of audit time
40% -60% reduction of the audit time of the store compared to manual audit
Decreased empty spaces
Out Of Stock, OOS
Planogram compliance check in seconds
The ability to align the realogram
with the planogram
5-10% increase
in sales
Increase sales through better representation
Happy to serve these great companies
We would like to confirm the ability of the company Inspector-Cloud to provide quick, professional and fair results based on their image recognition platform solution.

Head of Sales Information Support Henkel-RUS
The advantages Inspector Cloud are agile phase with on tens and several hundreds of users to the larger number of users and the speed of feedback from the neural network.
Senior IT Director of PepsiCo
The final accuracy, provided by the Inspector-Cloud's platform on the first iteration, and confirmed by our experts, was about 98% and had exceeded our expectations for this project.
Head of MTS Startup Hub
Inspector Cloud helps us with its promptitude and accuracy what allows us to take proper and on-time decisions.
Commercial Director of INTEGRA
("General sausages")
Features of the system
Inspector Cloud automates the work of sale representatives and analyzes the SKU representation on the shelf
Fast transition from testing to full implementation.
Location-based insights for sales team.
Wide opportunities for integration with the existing SFA-systems of the client.
BI setup within 2-4 weeks, unlike several months in other systems (included in the project setup).
Quality of recognition with an accuracy of 95%.
The fixed price of a retail audit unlimited to regardless the number of photos.
Traditional audits
manual, expensive and inconsistent
What are the loses of the retail outlet and of the manufacturer, when the goods are not on the shelf?
How can the sales be increased at a single retail store or in an entire chain, reducing the Out Of Shelf (OOS)?
Subjective evaluation of the information by the auditors
Human errors in interpretation during audit
Reluctance to report in case of non-compliance with "perfect store"

Inspector Cloud - is a SaaS for retail audits

After the implementation of our solution, all the work with the system includes only a few steps, which require a minimum of time and staff involvement.
Loading photo shelves with goods into the system
Recognition of SKU, their sizes and price tags in the image
Digital model of a sales store in the cloud
Analysis of the data obtained, drafting the forecast for the work of the store, creating audit reports
Advantages of the Inspector Cloud
The system of automatic audit of the Shelve space Inspector Cloud raises the enthusiasm of specialists and is qualitatively different from other ways of optimizing the sales space and increasing sales.

Advantages of Saas for retail audits:
  • Saving time for sale representatives;
  • Reduction of staff and expenses for its maintenance;
  • Prompt response to the situation inside the retail outlet;
  • Effective use of promotional materials;
  • Timely adjustment of the goods in the store;
  • Reduction of the share of empty shelves;
  • Increase in sales.
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