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Inspector Cloud Partner Program
Inspector Cloud provides a platform to quickly integrate state-of-the-art image recognition to mobile and web applications for retailers and brands. We partner with a wide ecosystem of technology companies including mobile developers, system integrators, sales force automation software vendors, BTL agencies and others
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Partnership Formats
Value-Added Resellers
Through our partners, we provide integrated solutions, designed to meet customer needs from multiple industries. Becoming a member of Inspector Cloud Partner Program as a system integrator you are enabled to deploy a full array of retail image recognition services for customers.

Become a Value-Added Reseller if you:

  • have specific expertise in one or several vertical markets demanded retail image recognition;
  • can offer full sales, integration and maintenance capabilities and take primary customer responsibility;
  • meet requirements to resell Inspector Cloud enterprise solutions.

You will get:

  • access to Inspector Cloud technology stack & APIs;
  • dedicated support in pre-sale and demonstrations, regular training and technical documentation;
  • marketing materials on end customer solutions;
  • competitive margins and connection to a partner community.
Technology Partners
By joining the Inspector Cloud Partner Program, you can benefit from the industry's most powerful and reliable retail image recognition platform and comprehensive integration support. You can effectively scale your business potential by providing Inspector Cloud-powered solutions to end clients.

Become a Technology Partner if you:

  • have your own software that may benefit from integration with retail image recognition solutions;
  • need to develop or upgrade solutions tailored to fit your industry;
  • want to significantly save money and time on image recognition functions development while keeping the highest quality for your customers.

You will get:

  • access to Inspector Cloud technology stack & APIs;
  • marketing materials on end customer solutions;
  • opportunity to go to market quickly with reliable end customer solutions;
  • an additional advantage that adds value to your software solutions.
Strategic Partners
We are always interested in developing new relationships to create successful strategic collaborations and enhance mutual strengths with our partners. Through Inspector Cloud Partner Program we provide trustworthy cooperation which fosters mutual success and reward our partners' investment in the integration of Inspector Cloud products. You can totally rely on us to bring you the latest technology and most demanded retail image recognition solutions.

Become a Strategic Partner if you:

  • look for an extension of your product portfolio and quick go-to-market;
  • seek advantages of retail image recognition capabilities;
  • want to leverage retail image recognition services to your business.

You will get:

  • an extensive cooperation with regard to joint technical projects;
  • access to Inspector Cloud technology stack & APIs;
  • a highly scalable integration that may enhance a business value for your clients.

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