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CPG brands and retailers are losing up to $10 billion in sales due to the inability to monitor shelf space and making goods available to the customer.
Inefficient operations
Merchandisers and sales representatives are working twice as efficiently and effectively when supervised than by themselves.
Empty shelf space
8% of shelf space sits empty in an average retail store. This results in lost sales and failed planning. Good for your competition. Bad for you.
Massive fraud
Up to 30% of the reports submitted by merchandisers and sales representatives are false due to complexity, lack of time and low motivation.
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PepsiCo rolled out Inspector Cloud
In July-December 2017, Inspector Cloud was a member of the PepsiCo corporate accelerator - PepsiCo Techlab, within which a solution was proposed and implemented to automate the work of sales representatives.
The senior IT director of PepsiCo in Russia and the CIS, Mikhail Platonov, talked about the rollout at the conference. According to Platonov, the number of end users in the company is about 1,5 thousand employees. Mostly, these are PepsiCo sales representatives.
The advantages of Inspector Cloud for PepsiCo are that the solution has been very quickly transferred from tens of hundreds of users to a much larger number, as well as the speed of feedback from the neural network.
Industry first DIY deployment in Eastern Europe
Inspector Cloud has been selected by the top Eastern European wall finishing brand to provide retail image recognition service that will support Brand's instore execution in 3,500 outlets for 100 field sales members. The deployment enables the Brand with timely and accurate data on merchandizing standards compliance and competitive environment across the retail universe.

Nation-wide deployment for soft drinks brand
World-known soft drinks brand with 10 000 outlets and 1500 merchandisers are using Inspector Cloud to check on the on-shelf availability of the SKU on the shelf. Solution helps to provide actionable reports within 1 minute and make it easier to calculate effectiveness of marketing campaigns and check on planogram compliance in traditional trade.
French cosmetics brand chooses Inspector Cloud
Inspector Cloud provided image recognition solution for French cosmetics brand to measure share of shelf and check on the on-shelf availability of the SKU for modern trade format. During 3 month-long project 127 SKY were audited in one region by 20 trade representatives.
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Inspector Cloud Announces Industry First DIY Retail Image Recognition Win
October 18, 2017. Inspector Cloud today announced that it has been selected by the top Eastern European wall finishing brand to provide retail image recognition service that will support Brand's instore execution in 3,500 outlets. The deployment will enable the Brand with timely and accurate data on merchandizing standards compliance and competitive environment across the retail universe.

This is the world's first large scale retail image recognition deployment in DIY sector.

Inspector Cloud was awarded the contact based on results of the pilot project which proved its ability to provide accurate real-time shelf image recognition for a wide range of products across all different DIY store formats and seamlessly integrated with existing SFA system.

Inspector Cloud launches freemium program for modern trade
October 31, 2017. Retail chains account for most sales of fast-moving consumer good (FMCG) brands, however lack of information concerning on-shelf availability continually leads to out-of-stock situations, which leave a negative impact on brands and retail chains. At the same time, retail chains are focusing on filling in the gaps on the shelves with SKUs that they have in stock, thus decreasing planogram compliance levels. Inspector Cloud, however, has an altogether better solution. It provides a free license to use its retail audit SaaS for retail chains. With Inspector Cloud's new technology, retail chains will only require to commit to delivering information to FMCG brands in a negotiated period of time. This same program which helps with decreasing out-of-stock situations can also help retail chains to raise productivity of its in-store staff and sell more items as well.

Stephen Kreeger, former Commercial Director of Metro Russia, Managing director of Metro Kazakhstan, Purchasing Director of X5 Retail Group and now a mentor of Inspector Cloud asserts: "I see this as a new opportunity for offline retail to in some ways mirror e-commerce where normally OOS is not a common phenomenon. After all, you cannot find empty spaces on Amazon's front page. The Freemium model is definitely the right step for retail chains as they develop means to increase their NPS in an atmosphere of very tough price competition".

Inspector Cloud, having originally expanded throughout Eastern Europe, has recently relocated to the United States, as it continues to expand in the North American market. It continues to see increasing month over month growth as more businesses become aware of its value proposition.

Starta Capital invests in Inspector Cloud
September 1, 2017. Starta Capital invested $130 000 in the Inspector Cloud. In total, applications from more than 600 companies from 30 countries were processed. In addition, Inspector Cloud will participate in a 3.5-month program in New York. Starta Capital will offer mentoring for companies to adapt products to penetrate the US market. Program starts from the middle of September until the end of December.

Inspector Cloud integrates with retail service robots
August 14, 2017.Inspector Cloud - developer of the Saas platform for auditing based on computer vision and the developer of service robots for retail GBLRobotics announce the beginning of integration.

The joint product will automatically detect and report on on-shelf KPI without human involvement with the help of built-in cameras and computer vision algorithms. The main customers of the integrated product will be retail chains interested in reducing out of shelf and planogram compliance monitoring. Thanks to the built-in OOS monitoring system, the robot will be able to transmit operational information about the representation of goods on the shelf.

Inspector Cloud is a part of PepsiCo LAB
July 17, 2017. Inspector Cloud was selected from among 200+ teams to take part in PepsiCo LAB this fall. PepsiCo LAB is a corporate accelerator for startups developing innovative food and beverages and innovative IT-solutions for marketing, sales and back-office.

The aim of PepsiCo LAB is to provide a mutually beneficial partnership between PepsiCo and startups, as well as support entrepreneurs in taking their startups to the next level.

Participants of PepsiCo LAB accelerator can gain access to PepsiCo's ecosystem, experts, distribution channels, and international markets. This opens the door for a broad range of possibilities for food and beverage product testing and technological solutions.

Inspector Cloud is a winner of Go to Retailtech
June 8, 2017. Inspector Cloud is a winner of Go to Retailtech contest yesterday organised and supported by leading retail companies. Inspector Cloud was selected first among more than 100 technological startups for retail.

In the photo Pavel Boyko is being congratulated by jury at the stage of Russian Retail Week after final. As a winner Inspector Cloud is eligible for setting pilots with partners of the contest that are leading retail companies.

Inspector Cloud partners with GfK in Japan
May 29, 2017. Inspector Cloud was selected as one of the innovative startups
to cooperate with GfK office in Tokyo, Japan. The program is designed to bring new ideas and collaborative scenarios to one of the most sophisticated markets.

GfK is Germany's largest market research institute, and the fourth largest market research organisation in the world. It employs more than 13 000 market research experts and has 1,4 bln euro of sales in 2016.

The Untitled ventures invests in Inspector Cloud
January 24, 2017. Today The Untitled ventures announced its investment in image recognition platform for retail - Inspector Cloud.

The Untitled ventures invests in niche projects at the seed stage in the sphere of Cloud technologies at the edge of online and offline activities connected to #RetailPerformance, #MediaPerformance, #MarketplacePerformance, #TelcoPerformance, #SocialPerformance and #BrandPerformance, which have a possibility for a global market expansion.

Inspector Cloud took part in the "Fair of innovations¬Ľ by Procter & Gamble

September 28, 2016. General Director of Inspector Cloud Aleksandr Berenov took the floor at the "Fair of Innovations", which was held by one of the largest manufacturers of consumer goods - Procter & Gamble. The purpose of the event - acquaintance with innovative solutions and search for potential partners to increase the efficiency for the company.

The topic of the speech of Inspector Cloud - image identification technologies applicable to the FMCG market. The keen interest of participants was caused by the opportunities and variants of usage for the Inspector Cloud system of automatic audit of shelf space.

Skoltech starts cooperation with Inspector Cloud in the field of computer vision for the retail sector.
August 7, 2016. In August, Skoltech and Inspector Cloud started a scientific cooperation in the field of development of image identification system for inventory accounting on the shelves of retail stores.
Victor Lempitskiy, Professor of Skoltech: "Cooperation with Inspector Cloud will allow our group to participate in solving a very interesting problem of computer vision, having a real-world application, and to make our contribution to the development of the company-resident of Skolkovo. Latest scientific developments in computer vision brings optimism on the success of this project.

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